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Mobile Monopoly Review: Cell Phone SMS Text Message Marketing

Mobile MonopolyMobile Monopoly is formulated in a way to help you learn as fast as possible and help you get started with your own mobile marketing business, advertising products and services to Smart Phone users world-wide and earn easy commissions when these Smart Phone users buy the products you are advertising.

Mobile phones are very common gadgets these days, everyday we see people running around with their cell phones in hands or tucked in their pockets or bags. In fact, the number of mobile phone users is 5 times bigger than Internet users. It is estimated that over 5 billion people worldwide own a cell phone these days and number is increasing…

However, what not so common is a system that allows us to easily tap into this HUGE mobile market with HUGE potential buyers. Imagine if you have a Marketing system that allows you to put your products or services in front of millions of eyeballs instantly and cheaply, what kind of impact would it have on your business?

Mobile Monopoly was created by Adam Horwitz, who is a young Internet marketing Guru. Mr.Howitz has started with Internet marketing when he was 15, so he has been in this field for almost 5 years. He is really knowledgeable when it comes to PPC but lately, he has been involved in the mobile marketing industry. There are approximately 5 billion cell phone users around the Globe right now and 51 millions of them use smart phones, so the mobile phone marketing is pretty huge.

You will learn step-by-step what you need to from really easy to follow video tutorials that Adam has created to help you. The way Adam creates his video tutorials is like no other, he is very easy to understand and follow, as well as of course easy to do the steps for yourself to start making money.

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What is Mobile Monopoly Really All About?

This cell phone marketing system mainly revolves around the use of advertising campaigns to drive traffic and earn profits online. In fact, the majority of the steps listed in the main strategy can be implemented through any mobile phone without having to spend a lot of advertising money. Adam has created an entire library of videos that demonstrate the steps needed to implement his mobile marketing strategy step by step.

Does Mobile Monopoly Really Work?

This is the same strategy that he uses himself to make a full time income through his years as a marketer, and I am certainly seeing very profitable results with his methods right now. Many of the testers who got an early chance to test out this system were pleasantly surprised at how their simple mobile phone device were able to access and actually put into place many of the marketing steps introduced in the system.

Mobile Monopoly works through the process of affiliate marketing, which, in essence, is a back and forth system whereby a company partners with affiliates (you) who engage customer interest through advertising aimed at directing the customer back to the business. The business then rewards the affiliate for sending the customers to them. Mobile Monopoly is an affiliate marketing system that generates money for you when customers interact with ads. By using CPA (cost per action), you get your affiliate bonus when a wide variety of actions are taken (determined by the business) on any particular ad, including actions such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

With a quick review of the website, you can easily see why advertising that targets cell phones is particularly lucrative. The bonus with this system is that there is not an abundance of advertising targeting cell phones in the market at this time, so you get the bonus of having one of the few – or the only – ad on a particular screen a cell phone user is viewing. Unlike online marketing, you do not have to compete with lots of other flashy ads and banners for clicks. With approximately 5 billion cell phone users who have a predominant tendency to keep their phones close at all times, you can understand why this system is able to generate bonus income.

Mobile Text Marketing Software offers 10 instructional modules for your review, including videos and files that teach numerous tactics to start making money and build your lists. These modules start at the very basic, introductory level, and then move to additional tactics, ending with advanced tactics to optimize your moneymaking abilities. All you need is a computer with Internet access in order to review the particulars and start seeing bonus income with this system. Review the website for specific information about what each module teaches you and why you want to learn these techniques.

Plus, when you purchase the packaged modules, you get additional bonus instructional information designed as “first-movers” that allows you to begin making money while you are learning tactics from the main modules. Finally, when you purchase the software, you get additional bonus access to a members only site where you can get support, review strategy and engage with the Mobile Monopoly community.

This Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz is genuinely worth the funds, you might be generating a very wise financial descision by purchasing this new Mobile Monopoly technique, you possibly can start generating cash online in no time, following Adam’s lead… his and his proven methods to marketplace to cell telephone users. Adam has a whole set of training videos ready and waiting for you to aid you find out ways to make wonderful dollars utilizing his Mobile Monopoly method that he uses himself daily to make a full time income online and his Iphone is pretty much his office!

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